Friday, December 19, 2008

Amazing Facts about lakes

Largest Lake by voulme and area:
The Caspian Sea which flows around the Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Iran has a voulme of 78,200 cubic km and it covers an area of about 374,000sq km, thus, making it the world's largest lake. It would take 400 years for the entire contents of the Caspian to flow over Niagara Falls!

Caspian Sea-As captured by the Modis on the orbiting Terrai Satellite.

Largest freshwater lake by volume and deepest lake:
Lake Baikal of Russia contains 22,995 cubic km of water. It has an average depth of 730m and is 1,741m at its deepest point- which is deep enough to cover more than four Empire State Buildings piled of top of one another.

Lake Baikal,Russia

Largest Freshwater lake by area:
The Lake Michigan and the Lake Huron of Canada have a combined area of 117,612sq km and have a larger area than half the world's countries. Some people believe that these two lakes are one lake.

Lake Huron

Fastest-shrinking lake:
The Aral Sea of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, once had 64,501 km in the 1960's.
It has now been shrunk to 28,000sq km, since the feeder rivers have been diverted for irrigation and it is now in the danger of disappearing altogether.

Aral Sea