Friday, November 28, 2008

Mysterious Circles

Are aliens circling us????

Crop circles are complicated geometric patterns, usually seen in wheat fields. Crop Circles range in size from several inches to a few hundred feet across the field. Some people believe that the patterns may be the imprints of an extra-terrestrial crafts, or they may be the message from extra-terrestrials themselves.

Crop circle found in a wheat field.

Some believe that they could be the result of natural forces such as tornadoes, heat or strong winds which flattened the crops, but the regular shapes of most crop circles make this unlikely.

The most famous theory is that the circles are made by people as a hoax. They gradually build up designs by flattening the wheat, using very simple equipments such as planks of wood and rope.

Early crop circles where of simple circular designs. But after 1990, more complex patterns such as words, smiling faces, flowers and even patterns of ancient motifs are sited.

Alton Barnes in England, June 2004

A crop circle in the form of double(six-sided) Triskelion composed of circles.

The mystery circling around these circles still continue to haunt us.