Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Animals of Amazon

The Amazon rivers has thousand of tributaries that flow through the Rain-forest. These water bodies teems with variety of fish, birds and animals. The river channels also provide a rich source of food and water for land dwelling animals. During the rainy season, vast area of the forest floor, flood, and fish among the tree trunks. Amazon Rain-Forest is the largest in the world.

Piranha is a blood thirst, sharp-toothed fish that lives in rivers of Amazon.


Animals such as anteaters take to the tree during floods.


Macaws are long-tailed, strong-billed birds belonging to the parrot family. The hyacinth macaws are the largest in the world and lives in Brazil and Bolivia.

Hyacinth Macaw

Pirarucu is one of the largest fresh water fish in the world.


Jaguars are one of the most powerful animal of the cat family. They live in the dense forest of Brazil and Central America. They live upto 22 years in captivity.


The Amazon kingfisher sits on a over hanging branch. In a flash it dives into the water emerging back with the fish it its beak.


Manatee sometimes called sea cow is a large water mammal. The Amazon manatee is found only in fresh water. It dwells in Amazon and Orinoco river systems.


The morpho butterfly are one of the natural highlights of South-American Rain Forest. They have large wings of metallic blue as they wave gracefully through the leaves.

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Howlers live in trees in groups of 2 to 45 individuals. They feed mainly on leaves and fruit, but will also eat insects, seeds, and flower parts. These howler monkey are known for the characteristic roars which can be heard upto 3 km away.

Howler Monkey

Horned Frog

Harpy Eagle which lives in Northern Argentina is being critically endangered due to loss of its habitat.

Harpy Eagle

A vampire bat lands near a sleeping victim at night, walks up to it quietly, scrapes open a small wound with its sharp teeth, and drinks the seeping blood.

Vampire Bat

Toucans usually live in pairs or small flocks. They feed chiefly on fruit, and can manipulate small berries at the tip of the bill with great dexterity. They also eat small birds and lizards.


Tapir s are mammal with bulky body, short legs and short tail. They feed on leaves, fruits and other vegetation.